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pang, pang everywhere

it is so hurtful the pain is eating me alive, from the deepest of my core to every corner of my entirety.

pain can do a lot of things to people. it can make them do things they have not done in ages, even forever—according to immensity. pain can flip a person a 180-degree and transform him into a totally different human being in a single blow—depends upon the intensity.

all in all, pain can…

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blue but not really

blue but not really

prom last night was fun. there may have been a little interruption in the program, i believe people nonetheless enjoyed the night.


selfie after make up+hair cut. doncha just love my new ‘do? hihi

i was kinda the messy emcee that night, apolgogies :( that was why i didnt really get much photos with my classmates–well except for a few, and of course—the obligatory selfies like this one:



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win a date with yanaamari

win a date with yanaamari

are you 5”10 or taller? funny and easy to converse with? has a not-skinny-almost-chubby figure? generous and thoughtful? can solve statistically indeterminate members and get the total resistance by inspection? can write poems and essays for me?

are you insane? (you totally are, for thinking this might be real shit. come on admit it, at the back of your mind, the smallest part of your brain…

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there’s just top one, and it’s you.

there’s just top one, and it’s you.

can i just say how heart breaking it is to watch the seventeenth episode of the all-time most awesome series in the entire seriesdom for the fourth time?


ted was, and will forever be the sweetest most awesome hopeless romantic guy of all creatures and it destroys me how badly he is in love with robin. it sucks big time because he loves her so damn much that even after eight long years, he would…

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it’s the age-old story how an evil boy meets an evil girl

this is from my favorite episode of Phineas and Ferb and i felt like sharing it with all of the evil lovers (like us) out there. *evil laugh*



(awesome lyrics:)

Doofenshmirtz: Love was…

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extra cheese please

branches may let go from the grip of their leaves;

the sun may choose to dwell behind the clouds.

grasses may refuse to emerge in the surface;

worms may burrow right down to the core.

petals may be shy to dance as the wind forgets its rhythm.

dogs may…

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drama queen

not in my wildest imaginations did I picture myself this much of a drama queen. I mean, yes, I am the bitchest bitch there is but being a cry baby at the same time pisses me off.

the heightened moodswings are really intense lately that shedding glasses of…

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